Saturday, February 05, 2005


Originality + Talent + Genius =


The Next Biggest Muti-Platinum Artist of the Decade!


2ND IN COMMAND is a new up and coming recording artist in a class of his own! His name is just as powerful as his music and original style. He says that God is 1st In Command of all things and he is 2nd In Command, of his life and the center stage. Originality and versatility is the main focus of his music. He has mastered styles like R&B, Reggae, Rap, Love Ballads, as well as Positive and Conscience material. He is a rare artist, a diamond in the ruff you might say, who is multi-talented in his own right. Some have called him "Original", while others have called him a true "Genius!" Not only is 2nd In Command an excellent Artist, but he is a self-contained artist, who is also a magnificent songwriter, producer, arranger and impressionist as well! Overall, his music and live performances speak for themselves. Because of his acting ability, 2nd In Command has excellent stage presence. He can captivate an audience with his unique and original style, personality and presence, and you feel whatever he is saying. When starting out he always considered himself to be a professional Artist who just was not signed at the time. But, he knew it would happen eventually, and sure enough it did when the new up and coming record label discovered him and decided to sign him! Unfortunately the new indi label was faced with financial problems, and was unable to put out 2nd In Command's 1st single release "Freaky Mon". Although very disappointed, 2nd remains optimistic that he will find a new home with a good and reputable record company.


2nd has performed at various clubs and schools in the New York Metropolitan Area such as The United Nations, Studio 54, Indigo Blues, Village Gate, LaGuardia Community College, Interboro Institute, Roberto Clemente State Park outdoor concert, Pace University Michael Schimmel Theater For The Arts and The Laurie Beechman Theater; just to name a few, as well as the "Kwanza Holiday Expo" at the renowned Jacobs Javits Center in NYC. He constantly receives an overwhelming response from audiences wherever he goes who have never heard him before. Thus, proving that he has the "magic" and he's soon to be IN COMMAND. 2ND IN COMMAND wrote, produced and arranged the tunes ORIGINALITY, WORK THOSE HIPS, EAST TO THE WEST COAST, BEAUTIFULLY MADE and THESE SAD TIMES, all of which you will hear on his "Hot" new CD demo!


A high-energy ingenious song, destined to be a hit! And a Hip-Hop classic! It breaks down musical barriers as RUN D MC did with mixing Rock with Hip-Hop. A song that incorporates 4 music art forms! Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae and Opera, yes Opera! Ingeniously arranged by 2nd's crafted hand, the song clearly shows the originality of this most talented artist. 2nd explodes on the track! Rapping about what he plans to accomplish in the industry, and his rough climb to the top. "Who got the flow to make the crowd go whoa at the end of a show,


Is guaranteed to be a club banger and Mega Monster Summer hit! It incorporates Hip-Hop and Funk in an old blues type of style, and 2nd just rides the rhythm of the track lovely. Work Those Hips also shows 2nd In Command's comedic side, and pokes fun at the old folks era with their unique dances, like "cutting the rug" and "the funky chicken". The song also has a surprising rap change as well. A future hit! Which will have all the fine ladies in the clubs worldwide, working their hips!


A mad funky song! Guaranteed to get your head bopping with its catchy melody and hook which just brings the entire song to life. In the song 2nd talks about his attraction to all the fine honeys from the "East To The West Coast". The song is truly a club song, and features a powerful reggae change and laid back rap change as well. 2nd again rips the track in every way with lines like, "you keep it real with me, Il keep it real with you, so when we get to the crib, what we guan do, work it over the head board, and you'll be screaming my lord". 2nd is also a fan of Michael Jackson, so he took a stab at impersonating the king of pop on the track as well, it's quite interesting! 2nd oneday hopes to record the song with the king of pop on a remix cut, if the song is released as a single. This is truly a club song from the fellas to the all the fine ladies, from the "East To The West Coast".


A song for every woman who has ever felt that they were not beautiful. There are so many examples of beauty the society wants and feels that every woman should somehow measure up to. Many women give in to these pressures and relentlessly try extremely hard to enhance or improve their looks. All in an effort to feel better about themselves, and possibly attract that man of their dreams. But in this very touching and romantic song, 2nd In Command speaks of his special love for that special woman, who does not think she's beautiful, and who has never been told that she was beautiful. 2nd takes the time to tell this woman that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and she is in fact very attractive and not ugly. 2nd lets her know the truth, that she is truly, wonderfully, and Beautifully Made. A true wedding song!, destined to be a "classic hit!". A song that a man can dedicate to the woman he loves, or the woman he yearns to love.


A song dedicated to all the families and victims of the 2004 Tsunami Tragedy, 2nd In Command felt deeply led to do something to help those that have lost so much and so many. 2nd plans to donate 50% of the CD sales of this song to help in the relief efforts for the people of Sri Lanka. 2nd also plans to give, live performances that could raise even more money for the relief efforts. "I am just one person doing something, but isn't that the point? That everyone in the world at least do something?". "THESE SAD TIMES" is a touching song indeed, which truly comes from the soul of ones heart, it screams the pain of loss, but yet offers hope and strength, as well as the understanding of how God thinks. Why did God allow this to happen? Some might say, 2nd's says, to know God is to fear him. In "These Sad Times" 2nd takes a moment to have a conversation with God, to better understand why tragedy happens, and why so many innocent lives are lost as a result. 2nd seeks guidance from God like so many others, to better understand, and to cope with, "These Sad Times".


A Powerful, Heartfelt, and touching song with a hip hop and rock and roll feel, a song in dedication to all the victims, families and most bravest rescuers of the Tuesday September 11th 2001 World Trade Center Tragedy, of which 2nd's sister survived. 2nd expresses his personal feelings in this song of how the tragedy affected him on that day. Feeling so blessed to have his sister here with him, 2nd felt compelled like so many other Americans that he had to do something for the families of those who did not survive, which is one of the reasons he wrote and produced this magnificent song which is included with 12 other songs on a special 911 Tribute LP. The song chorus reads: "I was shocked!, I was sad!, I was mad!, I was angry!, cause we live!, in a land!, that is strong!, This Just Cant Be!, This Just Cant Be". 2nd In Command hopes the song "This Just Can't Be" will be played by radio everyday year to commemorate and remember all those who gave so much for so many on 911. 2nd also plans to donate a large portion of the CD sales of this LP to the victims and families of the September 11th WTC tragedy. 2nd also plans to perform songs from the album at various venues, and a portion of the ticket sales from those shows will also be donated to various World Trade Center relief organizations.




"911 TRIBUTE LP!",









ICP also presents the following tribute songs: "I MIGHT NOT BE COMING HOME" - NYC Staten Island Ferry Tragedy, "THEY WERE FLYING", a special tribute to NASA and all the space explorers who lost their lives in the quest for knowledge. "WAR" - a tribute song to our American troops on the front line in Iraq. "RETALIATION" - a plea for the violence and bloodshed to stop in the middle East, and "GRAND MASTER", a special tribute to the late and greatest DJ of all times, THE ONE AND THE ONLY, Grand Master J, from RUN D MC.

2ND IN COMMAND spends a lot of his spare time playing his acoustic guitar which gives him inspiration for his songwriting and beautiful melodies. 2nd picked the guitar up 2 years ago and fell in love with it, and hasn't put it down since, and you will often hear an acoustic chord in some of his songs as well. He often works with his good friend Tony a professional guitarist for over 15 years, to help expand and develop his melodies and song concepts. 2nd is an artist who is patient and who is not afraid of hard work, and he truly loves a challenge, welcomes constructive criticism, and has been known to wear many hats when need be. 2nd spent nearly 2 years producing and developing a child recording group called "FLAVORS", but because of attitude problems from the group, which hampered the project, 2nd had no choice but to let them go. This was very hard for 2nd to do, but his belief is for anything to be successful, all parties involved must give 100 and 10%. 2nd plans to produce another child group, as well as produce and develop new up and coming talent.

2nd is often producing, writing and arranging songs for himself and others, in addition to getting his Production and Management Company I.C.P. (IN COMMAND PRODUCTIONS) off the ground. 2nd also enjoys fitness and cooking as well, and plans to get his certification as a personal trainer and open a fitness gym, he also plans to take a culinary course this spring of 2005. One of 2nd's many long-term goals is to own and operate a "Jamaican cafe" in New York City. 2ND IN COMMAND without a doubt, is indeed a force to reckon with in 2005! And he truly believes that has the talent to be right up there with the heavy hitters in the music industry, (like P. Diddy, Kanye West, Dr. Dre and others) if given the right opportunity for his talent to shine.

2nd In Command's main goal for himself and his production company ICP, (In Command Productions) is to release a single independantly, and later secure a good P&D deal with a major label, where he can crank out the hits on a bigger scale!. 2nd also wants to attain the necessary finances needed to give himself and ICP, the power to do other things to provide economic stability. This stability will come in the form of investments in ICP's Production, Management and Artist Development Services, The Command Recording Studio, Command Wear clothing line, ICP Television, Stage Plays & Films, ICP "Jamaican Cafe", The 6 Pack For Life Command Center and Fitness Gym, ICP Business and Commercial Jingle services, ICP Funny Greeting Card Service, 2 Cute & Wiley cat models, ICP Singles Connection, and ICP Photography, just to name a few.

All of 2nd In Command's tunes will give you an idea of the genius and "deep insight" and "talent" that this new up and coming recording artist has. 2ND IN COMMAND is truly multi-talented and a genius in his own right. With his love for all styles of music, he's a "Solo Mega-Entertainment powerhouse package!" in himself, who is destined to be a trendsetter, and who is truly "Original", and IN COMMAND of anything he touches.

For Bookings and Further Information contact an ICP Representative at:

(212) 561-0369 or email: icpmusicandmuchmore@yahoo.com


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