Saturday, February 05, 2005


A "HOT!" new independent management and music production company, and much much more. ICP specializes in the Production, Development and Representation of new up and coming talent. Whereas seen as professionals or seriously dedicated amateurs, our production style is tied in with the musical tastes that record companies are looking for. Working from our own home base recording studio in New York City, in addition to working with several other studios, the combination of various "Innovative" production styles makes ICP unique in every way! The production company was co founded by 2ND IN COMMAND a "new" and talented producer, rapper, singer and songwriter.
2ND IN COMMAND and his talented production team has currently produced new tracks for several new up and coming emerging talent. Some of whom have been signed to the a Hot "new" Record label, and those "Hot!" new tracks will be featured on a special debut compilation LP, to be released sometime this year!

ICP is music, and much more, our goal is to be one of the biggest national and global entertainment conglomerates ever! specializing not only in HIP-HOP, R&B, REGGAE, POP & DANCE, TRACKING, but also VOICE- OVERS, COMMERCIALS, VOCALS, MOVIE SCORES, ENTERTAINMENT/BUSINESS- JINGLES, MIXING, SONGWRITING, MUSIC ARRANGEMENT AND UNIQUE IDEA, CONCEPT & DEVELOPMENT SERVICES!
In addition to the following side ventures:

Jamaican Food Catering Service!

6 Pack Fitness Training Tips! - COMING SOON!

Cat Advertising and Marketing Models! - COMING SOON!

1st Impression Singles Connection, (Where New York Singles Meet!) COMING SOON!

ICP Photography, (Great Headshots at an affordable price!) - COMING SOON!

Hillarious Greeting Card Service! - COMING SOON!

ICP is also an artist development company as well and we work closely with professionals that specialize in many fields of entertainment related to the music industry such as song writing, image and dance choreography, and the services we render are much more appealing than our competitors in terms of quality, cost and getting product out faster and more efficiently to our clients in the music industry.

ICP (In Command Productions) is indeed a force to reckon with in 2005! We possess the unique talent to be right up there with the heavy hitters in the music industry like (P. Diddy, Kanye West, Dr. Dre and others) if given the right opportunity. All of ICP's tunes will give you an idea of the genius and "deep insight", "talent" and vision that this new up and coming label has. What ICP is "about" is providing the best Production, Development and Representation services for the new up and coming recording artist and record company in search of potential "product" to market, in addition to promoting and developing new business ventures, ideas and creative concepts. We are most confident about the future success of ICP. A "new" Entertainment company that represents exceptional talent, and produces ingenious and innovative products and services in a rainbow of musical colors that all will enjoy, "Appreciate, and Recognize!"

ICP's Special Edition Introductory Album:


Which introduces the "new" up and coming entertainment companies artists, will be on sale soon!. This album features the "ICP theme song!" as well as various excerpts of "Hot" new ICP music material produced for new up and coming talent.

The album will captivate your musical senses, and make your inner being truly feel the

SOUL, FLAVA and FUNK!. With its rich new blend of today's most popular music styles, ICP is indeed a diamond in the ruff destined to launch the future hits and stars of tomorrow.

"We distinguish ourselves by our sincere-commitment to Quality music production. By understanding our client's needs thoroughly, we are then able to meet their objectives. Our greatest strength is our ability to produce material that compliments true music artistry, in addition to providing our customers with new and innovative products and services" - Keiko Sakaki (President)

For additional information contact ICP at:

(212) 561-0369, Email: icpmusicandmuchmore@yahoo.com


"The New Ingenious Innovators of the Future"


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